Episode 14

The Woes of Hell: Answering Omar Fakhoury and David Kemball-Cook's Questions about Hell


May 4th, 2023

1 hr 50 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

Our co-host Dale from Real Seekers has been helping to evangelize both Omar Fakhoury (a former Hindu with an interest in Christianity) and David Kemball-Cook (a recent apostate from the faith). In this episode, Dale and Tyler team up and bring both Omar and David together to talk about their objections to Christianity on the basis of Hell.

This discussion is centered around two main objections that David and Omar share, namely a Philosophical argument on the basis of God's justice and a Scriptural / Historical argument focused on early Jewish and Christian beliefs about the afterlife. Dale tackles the philosophical side and Tyler tackles the Scriptural / Historical side in what was a sure fired (wink wink) good introduction to the topic of Hell!

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