Episode 16

The Historical Jesus & Cultural Apologetics w/ Dr. Darrell Bock


June 6th, 2023

59 mins 15 secs

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About this Episode

On this episode of Faith Unaltered Dale and Tyler are joined by New Testament Scholar, Dr. Darrell Bock to discuss the advancements of Cultural Apologetics in the 21st century as well as making an affirmative apologetic case for the Historical Jesus of Nazareth! There is a lot of overlap of the two subjects as we seek to teach you not only how affirm and defend the case for the historical Christ but to understand how to relate to people that are coming from potentially a completely different place.

We begin with definintions and background info about Dr. Bock and then transition into the importance of connecting relationally with others! Listening to others not to rebut but to understand the values of what makes them "tick", asking questions, and establishing relationship with those who have a different worldview are key when it comes practicing successful cultural apologetics. A very important lesson Dale and I learned in this segment: "People wanna know how much you care before they care about how much you know."

We then shift gears and discuss the historical Jesus, begininng with arguing for and establishing the fact Jesus of Nazareth was an historical figure (no matter what are Jesus mythicist friends like to say) and the best way to grasp 1st century testimony about Jesus from figures like Josephus, Pliny, Tacitus, and others. We also discuss an old idea from Liberal scholars who want to add to the datapool quotes from texts like the Gospel of Thomas and other later literature to paint a more "accurate" picture of the historical Jesus and the problems this could possibly bring to scholarship.

Throughout the rest of this episode we discuss the Messianic claims of the New Testament, connecting the Old Testament concept of "God" to the New Testament Person of Jesus including the "Two Powers in Heaven" view articulated by the late Jewish Scholar, Dr. Alan Segal, establishing the fact of Jesus' resurrection, and much, much more! Wanna tread the depths of these topics? You'll have to listen to this episode and travel with us on this amazing journey guided by Dr. Bock!

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