Episode 18

Fr. John Whitefored (Orthodox) and Pastor David Louis (Protestant) Talk about Justification by Faith Alone Part 1


August 5th, 2023

2 hrs 56 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of FUA and CSG, I sit down with two great guys to discuss the differences between the Eastern Orthodox and Protestant view of the Doctrine of Justification! Special Guests Fr. John Whiteford (Orthodox) and David Louis (Protestant) join me to discuss their exegesis of passages of Scripture like Romans 3, James 2, Matthew 25, etc., as well as answer moderator and audience questions!

We begin this episode with and introduction from our guests, then we formalize the discussion by reading excerpts from both "The Confessions of Dositheus Decree 13" and "The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith Chapter 11" that describe the Orthodox and Protestant understandings of Justification. For the remainder, we begin reading, exegeting, asking and answering moderator and audience questions about passages of Scripture including Romans 3:19-31 and James 2:14-26.

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