Episode 8

Part 2 Diving Into Determinism, Compatibilism and Calvinism ft. Colton Carlson


November 13th, 2022

1 hr 21 mins 43 secs

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About this Episode

In part 2 we pick right back up where we left off in part 1 by addressing the relationship between a person being “a source” of their actions and God’s decree. Does the decree (and by proxy God) limit the person from actually being a “source” of their actions?

After diving deeper into a Frankfurt Style Case (FSC) and how exactly it applies to Colton’s view of Theological Determinism as well as an engaging dialogue between Colton and Dale about the FSC Colton raised, we go over audience questions about moral responsibility, the sensus divinitatas (sense of the Divine) and how God’s freedom works to clarify and expound on Colton’s position!

All in all I think both Part 1 and Part 2 of this episode really helped clarify the issues at hand between Christian Compatibilist’s and Incompatibilist’s. Both Colton and Tyler articulated their position exceptionally well and I recommend both parts of this episode to anyone that is interested in learning about how Christian’s reconcile Problem of Evil questions as well as to those who are interested and either just beginning their journey into examining the different philosophical positions found within Christianity or to those who have been on this journey for quite sometime. I think you will find the much needed clarification about certain areas in the entire realm of Theological Determinism and Christian Compatibilism in Part 1 and Part 2 as well as maybe even expand your own understanding of this subject that helps those who are on the fence finally make a free choice ;) in deciding where you stand on this issue!