For years I struggled to find the truth; does God exist? Is there an afterlife? What religion (if any) does God want me to follow in order to achieve my ultimate purpose in creation? These were the kinds of profound questions that kept me up at night and that drove me to seek out answers to the best of my ability.

I became what I call a Real Seeker. Being a “real seeker” requires the fulfillment of 3 criteria on the part of the seeker;

a) The Real Seeker must be sincerely open-minded to the truth about these matters.

b) The Real Seeker must actively seek the truth via seriously considering all sides to the very best of their ability (this is relative to each individual’s best efforts as some have access to more resources and/or have more abilities than others and thus some may have more/less of a burden than other seekers).

c) The Real Seeker must be willing to obey, follow and/or submit (in whatever way appropriate) to the truth about such matters upon discovery.

*** Note: That, these Real Seeker criteria are specific to knowledge about certain religious truths/actions (e.g. what is the nature of ultimate reality, what is my ultimate purpose, how do I achieve it, etc.) that one must know/do in this respect. These do not apply to any other areas of knowledge like having to learn all the sports stats or how many grains of sand are on a beach or learning new scientific facts, etc. The Real Seeker criteria are specific to certain religious matters. ***

In the end, I concluded that Christianity provided the answers to most, if not all, of the profound questions I was asking. I worked with various scholars and world’s experts from various religious and philosophical backgrounds and made sure to acquaint myself with the arguments on all sides as fully as I could before reaching this point. Along the way, I developed a consistent and systematic approach (via the use of an 11-premise deductive argument) and it is through the framework of this argument that I wish to create this website (and Podcast). I want to help other “real seekers” along their journeys by sharing how and why I made the conclusion that I did and detail what exactly the evidences/methodologies were that allowed me to finally make the decision to place my faith in Jesus Christ.

Dale Glover has hosted five Episodes.