Tyler Fowler, first and foremost, is a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ, saved by the grace of God. He is passionate about podcasting, radio, evangelism, apologetics, teaching the faith to others and honoring God in all things.

Tyler hosted "The Complete Sinner's Guide Podcast and Radio Show" from 2019-2022 and has collaborated with scholars, authors, philospophers and theologians such as Dr. Phillip Carey (The Great Courses), Dr. Igal German (author of "The Fall Reconsidered"), Dr. Edward Dalcour (Department of Christian Defense), Dr. Leighton Flowers (Soteriology 101), Dr. Braxton Hunter (Trinity Radio) Pr. Bryan Wolfmueller (author of "Has American Christianity Failed?"), Chris Date (Rethinking Hell) and many more!

Tyler is happily married to his beautiful wife Lacy and has an adorable little girl named Kelcy. He attends Grace and Truth church in Ireland Indiana and teaches their adult Sunday School class. In his free time, Tyler enjoys studying Koine Greek, playing bass guitar, and graphic design.

For further inquiries you can contact Tyler at [email protected]

Tyler Fowler has hosted 20 Episodes.